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Andersens at work

November 21, 2011

At Andersens, we understand that the flooring needs of a work place or commercial business differ from that of your home. In fact, Andersens specialises in finding the perfect flooring application for your commercial needs.

Choosing the right flooring for commercial, retail or office applications is critical. For instance, areas with high traffic and plenty of wear and tear need specifically tailored flooring to maintain an attractive appearance and comfort underfoot. The best way to choose flooring for your commercial application is to have a consultant come to you.

With Andersens’ new ‘Shop At Work’ service, one of our trained consultants can inspect where the installation will take place and you can view samples where the flooring will be installed, to see whether it complements the existing décor.

Your Andersens consultant will prepare an accurate measure and quote, as well as offer plenty of helpful advice and innovative ideas to ensure you get the flooring you require. Andersens can even arrange for your corporate logo to be included in the design. With Andersens, you can be rest assured that you will receive the best quality product, chosen and tailored specifically to your particular work place, making Andersens ‘Shop At Work’ service the most practical and efficient choice for choosing your commercial flooring.

Here is another terrific article about trends in the workspace and office fit outs .

To find out more about the types of flooring best suited to commercial applications, visit the Our Products section of the website, or phone 1800 106 106  (toll free).

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