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Andersens renovating series: Pressure washing

April 2, 2012

Does your house need a facelift? A pressure wash could be a simple solution.

As part of the Andersens renovating series, we’re giving you some hints and tips to make your home beautiful. Whether it is for sale or for you to enjoy, we’re not just looking at flooring and blinds, we’re also giving you tips on beautifying the rest of the house.

The first thing that buyers see when they’re inspecting a house they’re interested in is, of course, the exterior of the house.  If your house’s exterior looks old because of the grime and the dust from pollution and natural dirt, then it loses its appeal and may affect the value of your home.  The most basic facelift that you can give the exterior of your house is a good cleanse.  Yes, a good wash may be all you need to make your house look brand new.

All you need is handy pressure washer much like that in use in a car wash.  Prior to actually washing the exterior, you need to make the necessary preparations to protect outlets from getting wet.  You don’t want to cause any short circuits in your electrical system.  Don’t forget to use your protective goggles for your eyes because the pressure from the washer may dislodge small particles of dust and grime that can get into your eyes.  It’s also necessary to take a few practice sessions with the pressure washer if this is the first time you’re handling one.  The force of the water needs some getting used to. Now, you have to understand that though a good wash is possible for most types of exterior material, you need to be extra careful with weatherboard as the paint can chip. In this case use a low pressure when hosing.

Once the precautions and other preparations are in place, mix some mild detergents in your pressure washer if you desire, for a much better result.  The nozzle of your washer needs to be about 3-4 feet away from the surface when you point it.  Move it from side to side in a sort of shaking motion to extricate the deep-seated dirt.  It’s important to remember to start from the top of the house so that the dirt simply drips onto the ground.  If you start from the ground up, you’re only going to make the lower portion dirty again.

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