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Essential Tools Needed for Painting

April 30, 2012

House painting is a fun DIY activity that gives you the opportunity to bring a feeling of freshness and potentially some colour into your world. Whether you want to paint the whole house or simply want to put a fresh coat on your room, it is very important to have the right painting tools to help you accomplish the job. For a basic painting project, you will need the following tools:

Covering Materials- If you don’t want to mess with the flooring (especially if it’s from Andersens), you’ll require drop sheets to cover them. If you are painting a ceiling, a drop sheet is also necessary to cover the furniture and other large items or areas.

There are plenty of options available. You can use garbage bags, newspapers or tarps as alternatives to canvas or heavy duty plastic. For more delicate painting jobs, painter’s tape will help you protect small fixtures from getting messy. Tape also gives you clean and crisp paint lines. If painter’s tape is not available, you can use a masking tape instead. However, make sure that it doesn’t pull any existing paint off the surface. Be careful here as you may have more painting to do than you bargained for.

Preparation and Application Tools- Use sugar soap to prepare walls for painting. You can also use sandpaper to eliminate any surface imperfections. A paint scraper helps remove any loose paint from the walls before coating it with a new layer of paint. Paint sticks may come helpful to mix up paint before application. This ensures that the colour is even and uniform. Paint rollers are the mediums that transfer and apply the paint into the walls. It makes the job faster especially when painting large areas and ceilings. When working with small surfaces, paint brushes can help you accomplish the job. Buy the best quality rollers and brushes you can afford so you can evenly paint the walls like a pro. Roller pans should also be used when you’ve chosen to roll the paint on those walls.

Allow the paint to dry completely before removing the masking tape or the painter’s tape. Once everything has dried, don’t forget to clean up surfaces that have paint spills and be sure to appropriately dispose of paint materials.

If you’re interested in seeing how your paint choice will go with your flooring and blinds, check out the revolutionary new iDesign software from Andersens – where you’ll be able to design your dream room and save it.

Andersens is proud to be providing you with hints and tips in renovating your house. If you have any DIY activities you’d like information about, be sure to comment below or on our Facebook page.



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