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Andersens Renovating Series: Top tips on protecting your new carpet

May 13, 2012


  1. The best way to ensure your carpet stays looking good longer is by vacuuming it regularly. Ideally this should be at least once a week, more often for high-traffic areas. Make sure you use a good quality vacuum cleaner that is suited to your carpet.Your Andersens consultant can recommend which type of vacuum cleaner will best suit your carpet.
  2. Place mats at the entrance to your home or office from outside. This will minimise the amount of dust and dirt brought into the home or office. And don’t forget to regularly clean your mats. Also, try to limit bringing food and drinks in carpeted areas.
  3. You should also have your carpets professionally cleaned every year or so. Make sure you choose a reputable company for this, such as Andersens Carpet Cleaning Services. A poor quality clean can potentially damage your carpet.
  4. If your carpet gets marked or stained, make sure you try to remove the mark or stain immediately. The longer it remains, the harder it will be to remove. If you are unable to clean up a stain completely, get a professional carpet cleaner in as quickly as possible to spot-clean the affected area.
  5. Try not to walk bare feet on your carpet – the oils and dirt from the skin can eventually affect the carpet.

    Andersens Carpet Cleaning Services is an ideal company to use. Please call 1300 664 843 or email them at

    Always follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions for your carpet. With the appropriate care and maintenance, you can greatly extend the life and appearance of your new carpet. However, if in any doubt, it is always advised to contact your nearest Andersens store for expert advice.


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