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Inside Andersens: Team Morayfield

May 21, 2012

With over 50 stores across Queensland and Northern New South Wales, and now boasting the largest warehousing facility in Queensland, Andersens is your one-stop flooring shop for quality carpettimber, timber laminatestilesvinyl and bamboo flooring products. 

Today we’re talking to Vicky from the Morayfield store in Queensland who explains to us how Andersens is the best place to work and why she enjoys it so much.

How long have you worked for Andersens?

It’s amazing to think I’ve been working for Andersens for five and a half years and now I’m thrilled to be managing the Morayfield store.

How many staff in the store?

We have three staff (all girls) plus the guys that help with the installation. We like to call ourselves the Andersens Angels

Why do you like working at Andersens?

Well where do I start? Andersens head office gives us really great support. If ever we have query with a product or a service, head office is there to offer solutions and work with us, as well as the customer to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The thing with Andersens is that our reputation is synonymous with quality that helps us get a great bunch of clients through the door, who also know a thing or two about quality.

I also live locally, so it wonderful having a workplace that’s not too far away from home. Helps me get to work earlier and home faster!

What’s your favourite product at the moment and why?

Definitely bamboo – people come in daily asking for bamboo products. It’s such a versatile yet eco-friendly product that also looks fabulous. It literally walks out the door.

Why Andersens? ie why should a client come to Andersens?

Exceptional customer service, great quality products, 30 day carpet replacement guarantee – unbeatable!

We pride ourselves on our service & proud to be working under Andersens name. We have great products that are the best value for money.

It goes without saying Andersens has exceptional warranties and the 30 day carpet replacement guarantee is an excellent option for customers.

Other than having the Andersens Angels, what’s unique about the Morayfield store?

We are unique in the Morayfield area – there aren’t really any other flooring companies that match up to the standard of Andersens. I’m a bit biased, but I definitely think we have the nicest showroom in the area.

We also take the time to talk to our customers. We make a coffee and sit down with them so we can discuss the project, find out their needs and go through appropriate products. We also come to your home so you can see samples in the space.

What would you say to people who are thinking about going into an Andersens franchise?

Well, I’ve been in the industry in 15 years and I’ve worked for different companies. Currently I’m managing the Morayfield store but if I was to buy a franchise I would buy an Andersens’ franchise – no question.

What is your favourite food?

Thai food all the way – I love the flavours – it’s amazing how they all work together to create a taste bud sensation!

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I’m really into renovating our home, but I also love helping friends with ideas and inspiration for their renovations as well. I’m in the perfect industry for suggesting great products, especially for the floors and blinds.

Once the reno is complete and if I ever get my life back, I absolutely love to jet ski – bring it on!

It goes without saying, I absolutely love spending time with my family. Even though I’m dedicated to my job, I think it’s really important to also have a life, and Andersens are all for this motto too!

Which three famous people would you invite to a dinner party?

It would have to be Brad, Ange & Jennifer. What a conversation that would be!

We appreciate your visit to our blog and invite you to browse online for a great range of products and services! Thanks to Vicky and the team at the Morayfield store for letting us in for the morning – it was a blast.

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