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Viva La iDesign!

July 9, 2012


Ever chosen that “perfect” carpet only to discover that they don’t quite fit in with your colour scheme (seemed like it did in your head though!)? The problem with this is that now you’re stuck with floors that don’t really match your home.

Imagine being able to  to use a tool that helps you to actually visualise your new home (or renovation) by setting up your room and then selecting from a massive range of flooring options – tiles, laminate, hardwood, carpets, vinyl, you name it – AS WELL as blinds and shutters, with your wall paint, kitchen cupboards et all. With Andersens iDesign, you now can.

This handy and innovative little app from Andersens is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop and any other device you use to browse the web.


We’ve uploaded our massive range of floor and window coverings for you to conveniently play around with. Now you’ll be able to pick your perfect floor in your kitchen, bedroom, living area and bathroom from the convenience of your own home – oh, and no need for you to write your selections down… Once you’ve completed your room, we’ll send you your vision, along with all the product details straight to your email.

Once your ready to start with your flooring, take your email or print out into your local Andersens where one of our friendly floor experts are ready to help you see and feel your preferred solutions in person.

Get started with iDesign today!

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