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Choosing the best floor for your kitchen

July 16, 2012

Decisions, decisions! The floor you choose for your kitchen – apart from the obvious practical implications – makes a major statement about you, your taste and the feel of your home.

How do you choose from the plethora of options available? Choosing between tiles, hardwood, bamboo, stone, cork, linoleum, vinyl, laminate and everything in between in all different shapes, colours and textures are just some of the decisions you’ll have to make when deciding on the best option for you.

This week, we’ll talk about some of the budget friendly options you have. This week, we’ll focus on tiles, vinyl and laminates.


Tiles are a versatile option. Being quite hardy and requiring less maintenance, they are easy to clean and come in a variety of colours, shapes and textures to choose from. What’s more, tiles enable you to match floor to wall quite easily. In terms of price, tiles once again display their versatility with options ranging from budget to lavish. If you have a limited budget, finding a tile that looks good and isn’t overly expensive shouldn’t be too difficult.

When choosing a tile for your kitchen, we recommend choosing a tile that is non-slip – with grouting to match the tile.

Check out our range of tiles online.


If you need to do your kitchen on a tight budget, you simply can’t go past vinyl! As the most affordable option, vinyl flooring gives you a choice between an enormous range of looks and colours which mimic the more expensive floor options quite well – not to mention it’s super easy to clean and even easier to install. The big drawback of vinyl however is the unavoidable seams which can lift and become mouldy over time. For the price though, this is a great option that won’t break the bank to replace when the time comes.

Check out our vinyl range online


It seems Queenslanders are simply addicted to the wooden look. And why wouldn’t we be? They are, after all, a magnificent flooring option. For those of you on a budget however, wooden floors can be expensive, which is why laminates are becoming so popular. Giving you an option that looks (and often feels) like any number of hardwood floors, laminate flooring is generally cheaper than it’s hardwood counterpart, very durable, easy to clean and easy to install. We’ve put together a great video to show you just how easy laying a laminate floor is.

To create your perfect kitchen, have a play around with iDesign and choose from our huge range of tiles, vinyls and laminates.




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