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Andersens Style: The latest in Blinds fashion

July 23, 2012

It’s no secret that great window coverings can make or break your room, in fact, window coverings have become a very important part in maintaining the overall harmony of the room.

Traditionally window coverings were curtains, and despite the enormous range of fabrics, colours and patterns curtains offer us, they don’t give much choice to style and design – not to mention difficult to clean and maintain!

The good news is that curtains are out and blinds are in! Easy to clean, with literally 100’s of style, design, material, colours and patterns, it’s no wonder they are the new it kid in window coverings.

Here are some of the latest trends in blinds:

Louvre Blinds


Louvre Blinds provide you with that “Old World Chic”. Extremely popular in white they go with just about any style of home. Pros: They’re a fashion statement that oozes class and luxury; Cons: They’re typically a tad on the expensive side!

Roller Blinds – Translucent

Minimalistic and ultra modern, translucent Roller Blinds are simply a must for anyone’s living room. They scream style and create a unique and almost ethereal feel to your room. Pros: They are relatively inexpensive and truly create a beautiful atmosphere to your room; Cons: they don’t typically offer much in the way of privacy especially at night.

Roman Blinds

Can something be classic and contemporary at the same time? You bet! Roman Blinds are just that – classically contemporary! Perfect for just about any living space, these blinds are the most versatile in this list. Available in any colour, fabric and pattern you can think of, these gorgeous blinds make a simple yet powerful statement. Pros: Depending on the fabric, quite cost effective and suitable for any room; Cons: They can be a little more difficult to clean.

Andersens have always been the respected name in floor coverings, but we’ve also become the respected name in window coverings! Check out our great range (and have a bit of fun doing it!) with iDesign.

Visit us at or call 1800 016 016 to discuss fitting blinds for your home.

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