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Andersens Renovating series: 10 Things to consider before installation…

August 13, 2012

Before installing that gorgeous new floor in your freshly renovated home, we’d like to offer you 10 things to consider before you give the green light:

1. Flooring is the last home improvement job that should be carried out in the home

The last thing you want is paint over your new flooring, or wood shavings all over the new carpet! If you are considering painting allow 4 days of curing time before you install near the skirting’s.

2. Have you considered lifting and disposing of your existing floor coverings?
By doing this yourself, you will save yourself some time and money – but if this isn’t something you’d like to do yourself, it is a service offered by our stores. We recommend arranging this well in advance of your floor coverings being installed.

3. Furniture Removal
Do you have a plan for the removal of your furniture whilst the installation is carried out? Our flooring experts can offer great advice in this area! Just ask us in store.  As an added service, we also offer furniture removal (P.O.A) If all else fails, we offer part Installations  to help ease the burden of moving your entire home in one day.

4. Will you have power connected to the installation site?
Seems like a silly consideration, but if you’ve done a massive renovation or a brand new build, the power may be turned off. Power is necessary for most (not all) installations – so just double check before the installer arrives.

5. Is there sufficient clearance between the door and floor?
One of our more common (and frustrating) problems! You need to allow space between your doors and the floors to allow the floor coverings to comfortably fit. Installers are unable to trim doors, this will need to be carried out by yourself or handyman.

6. Floor Preparation
Installations require a clean, dry and in most cases level surface. Depending on the  product you may require some floor preparation for the sub floor to be installed on – our flooring experts can help you with this at point of sale, just ask!

7. Product Selection
It is so important when choosing your floor coverings that you make sure the product you’re interested in is suitable for your lifestyle. For instance, is it suitable for Kids, Pets, Investment Property etc.

8. Installation Time Frame
Depending on the product some lines may take up to 10 working days to arrive ready for your installation. Ensure yo u keep this mind when deciding on your installation date.

9. Payment Options
Andersens offer Interest Free Terms with GEM Visa or for all existing GE and Buyers Edge Card holders, alternative options are Cash, Credit Card(Mastercard/Visa Only), Cheque, Eftpos and Direct Deposit.

10. Warranties
We suggest taking a long and hard look at the warranties that come with your new flooring purchase. Andersens offer the best Warranties in the industry:

  • 30 Day Carpet Replacement Guarantee

Still the original and the best.
If you’re not satisfied, Andersens is not satisfied, so we’ve put in place the 30 day Carpet Replacement Guarantee to give you a second chance. If you are not completely satisfied with your carpet purchased from Andersens, please inform the Andersens store where you made your purchase, in writing, within 30 days of installation, and we will replace it with a carpet of your choice of the same value. See in-store for terms and conditions.

  • Life of Your Carpet Installation Guarantee

Andersens wants you to enjoy living with your new carpet and feel comfortable with your purchase, so we’ve introduced the ‘Life of Your Carpet Installation Guarantee’. For your peace of mind, the Andersens store where you purchased your carpet will guarantee installation (workmanship and installation materials) for the whole life of your carpet. See in-store for terms and conditions.

  • Lowest Price Guarantee

Now on ALL products!
At Andersens, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service available, and at the lowest possible price. Simply present a competitor’s written quote on the same quality floor coverings, and we guarantee to beat it – it’s all part of the Andersens service. See in-store for terms and conditions.

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