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Flooring on a budget: vinyl

August 20, 2012

You have looked through the options, and done the research and decided that vinyl will be the most affordable and durable solution for your flooring needs.

While one of the biggest advantages to using vinyl is the price, this is not the only draw card.

Vinyl also acts as a great mimic, and can aesthetically double for wood, marble and tile, freeing up your budget to concentrate on other fixtures.

Today we will be giving you some tips on choosing the right vinyl for your home.


What is it made of

Vinyl is constructed in numerous layers, the wear layer, printed or decorative layer and an inner core consisting of a vinyl and foam, as well as a backing.


It’s very important that you choose the right vinyl flooring for your particular space.  Talk to your retailer about your concerns in advance, so they can help guide you to make the best choice for your situation.


Premium products should be coupled with a premium warranty.  Check with your retailer on all the warranties and endurance expectations for your choice of vinyl.


Remember the top layer is the one that really counts. It’s the layer that determines how well your flooring will stand up to wear and tear and general foot traffic. So while thickness isn’t necessarily the only thing you should be looking at, it stands to reason that you should choose a durable wear layer for your home.


Depending on the layout of your room, seaming may be necessary.  Make sure your retailer can determine and explain to you, where the seams are likely to appear when your new floor is laid down.  If showing seams will be a major problem for you, perhaps choose a pattern that can conceal seams better. A tile pattern, for example, can conceal seams seamlessly.


If you are using vinyl in rooms with heavy water use (such as a bathrooms or laundry room), you may need to occasionally replace the heavy caulking where the flooring meets the toilet or walls. This is something you can talk to your retailer about, and ask for recommendations and warranties.

While all of the above is important, choosing a floor should also be fun. Why not be a bit creative with your choice, and when made correctly, hopefully this option will stand the test of time.

At Andersens, we are committed to providing you the best service, advice and products. Feel free to visit out stores in person, or check out our vinyl section via our website

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    January 7, 2013 2:18 am

    beautiful color and design

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