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Putting the Spring back in your step! Spring cleaning tips for your floors…

September 10, 2012

One of the parts of the house that needs a lot of attention during spring cleaning (yet is often forgotten) is your flooring. Whether you have a timber, a carpeted, a vinyl or a ceramic floor, one thing is sure – this is where most of the dust and dirt gets stuck. Because of this, cleaning the floor requires attention and patience, and of course, a little bit of technique 🙂

First things first: use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dust and dirt away. Once you are done, you may proceed with wiping the floor to clean it further and shine it up. However, keep in mind that there are various types of flooring, it is important that you know the more effective way to clean your type of flooring.

Timber floors can either be natural unsealed or sealed. The best and most practical way to clean your wooden floor is by using natural products such as linseed oil for unsealed wooden floors, and white vinegar and vegetable oil for sealed floors. Simply put the oil on a rag and let it soak for three minutes before mopping it up.

On the other hand, more effort is needed if you have a ceramic floor. Most often, this is the type that is the hardest to maintain. Hence, ceramic floors must be cleaned regularly (not just during spring cleaning!). To clean, soak the rug in warm water before scrubbing the floor. To thoroughly remove the mould and mildew, you would need to exert more effort in scrubbing.

You probably have vinyl flooring in your kitchen and bathroom. This is the easiest of all types of flooring. You can easily mop it, first with wet rug, and then with a dry rug. To keep it shiny, you may make use of acrylic polish.

Finally, if you have carpeted flooring, the most important thing you should have is a vacuum cleaner. After vacuum, use water to remove stains, or use other cleaning solutions in case the water is ineffective.

So are you ready to clean your floor? Make sure that you keep in mind the basic tips on how to effectively tidy your floor whether it’s spring cleaning or just about any cleaning day.

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