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is it time for blinds?

September 17, 2012

Nobody wants to wake up in the morning only to see the glaring sunshine straight into their face. For this purpose, window blinds have become ultimately helpful. They cover your window so that you do not receive too much sunlight. And when the time you need light, you can easily open the blinds with a single pull of its string. However, there are other reasons why window blinds have become a thing in every Australian home.

For one, there is our need for privacy. If you have a glass window, you must have blinds to cover you up from the being seen from the outside. Do whatever you want inside your house, without the fear of being eyed by passersby. Besides, your home is one of the few places you can do all the things you want in private.

During summer, window blinds are very helpful when they prevent too much heat from getting inside your room. The scorching heat of the sun in summer forces homeowners to keep their air conditioners in full swing. This can cause a major increase in electric consumption. However, when you have window blinds that diminish the amount of heat entering the house, you do not have to turn on the air conditioner to the max.

The same help is provided by window blinds during cold winter months. By easily tilting the blinds, you can allow heat and sunlight to enter the room. Thus, you do not have to make full use of your heater. Other homeowners would keep their blinds completely open during the day to let as much heat as possible inside the home, and then close it up during the nights to protect the dwellers from the rushing cold wind. Blinds are highly regarded as heat insulators, and thus, they can help prevent cold air from getting straight into the home.

Indeed, the rapidly changing weather conditions are inevitable, but with the use of home improvement materials, we can still keep up with them. So do you think it’s time for you to get some blinds?  Andersens think so. And to help, we’re giving away a pair of blinds this month to the winner of our iDesign competition, which you can enter here. Best of luck!

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