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Realtor Series: All about home staging

October 29, 2012

For the last couple of weeks in our Andersens Realtor Series, we have discussed how to get your home ready for sale. This week expect no less, as we are uncovering and sharing some great tips on home staging techniques.

Home staging is about creating moods and illusions. Try and think beyond cleaning and decorating and start thinking in terms of emotional intelligence and creating the right “mood” to draw in a sale.  Staging not only makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner and warmer but it also creates an atmosphere to help encourage prospects to buy your home. It’s about adding the small details, to make your home stand above the rest.

So while a lot of people would turn to a professional home stager to create this most perfect air or atmosphere, we are going to share our own tips for home staging room by room.

Living Room

  • Add unique elements to an shelving, bookcases or fireplaces
  • Use bright colors for accents such as pillows, throws and flowers
  • Try and allow as much natural light into the room as possible


  • Making the bed might be an obviously choice, but see if you can bring some neutral solid unisex colours to the room to broaden your appeal
  • Add accessories such as flowers, throw pillows and rugs


Bathrooms should look open, airy and inviting. Why not try dressing the room with the following:

  • Towels, tied with ribbons
  • Scented soaps
  • Moisturising & Facial jars
  • Indoor plants


You want to draw the buyer in by placing colourful props around your kitchen. Also try to ensure you clean up after yourself to avoid bad smells and mess.

  • Put out large bowls of fruit such as polished apples, bright oranges, luscious grapes
  • Arrange colorful and fun cookbooks on the counters
  • Polish any wood or stainless steel finishes
  • Do a general tidy up of appliances to avoid the kitchen looking and feeling cluttered


  • Add greenery, plants and pottered flowers if not already
  • Try and add in additional colour wherever possible
  • Any outdoor furniture should be spaced generously

So what are some other good and affordable elements you can add when staging your home?

  • Mirrors
  • Plants
  • Silk Flowers
  • Floor & Table Lamps
  • Throw Rugs
  • Ottomans
  • Pillows
  • Baskets

This now brings us to the end of today’s post. We hope this has been a positive article and some help to you when it comes time to staging your home for sale.  For any additional help when it comes to floor coverings, blinds and rugs please visit our website at


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