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Create an outdoor oasis on a budget

August 12, 2013

Homeowners are increasingly extending their living spaces outside the walls of their homes. From fancy patios and decked-out outdoor kitchens these are the kind of additions many homeowners dream of. Those with unlimited budgets can enjoy just about any look they desire, but many homeowners may not have the money to go all the way with their outdoor living spaces – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to create budget-friendly spaces that are functional, fun and eye catching.

Here are some ideas:


Decks and patios are popular gathering spots outside a home, and homeowners have numerous inexpensive options at their disposal when choosing patio materials. And those who can do their own labour when installing a patio can save a substantial amount of money. Decking is a project that can transform an outdoor area. Instead of using higher-priced composite or resin decks, homeowners can go with standard wood, which may need to be stained, varnished or oiled periodically and need a little more TLC but will save you close to half the cost. Look at the size required for your space as scaling back the size of the deck means less materials to buy and less labour involved.


Paving & concrete

The cost of patio blocks depends on the material and style. Poured concrete patios will cost less than placed blocks or stones because concrete is less labour-intensive. For those who desire the look of patio blocks without the cost, stamped concrete can mimic the look for less. Paving can be slightly less expensive then decking, and can create a beautiful looking area if paired with some nice stones.



Homeowners may not need to replace patio furniture, even if chairs and tables have seen better days. A can of spray paint can cover up any rusted areas or spots where paint has peeled off due to exposure to the elements. Another inexpensive way to refresh your back yard on a budget is by updating cushions. Purchasing a coordinating umbrella can also liven your area.


Garden beds and planter boxes can really finish off an area. Defining edges of planting borders and refreshing the landscape may be all that is needed to improve the yard. This can easily be achieved with inexpensive mulch, a few new plants and a general yard clean up. Use a pressure washer to clean stains off patios, driveways, walls etc and create a like-new appearance.

Though not all homeowners can afford to create the backyard of their dreams, with a little thought and some sweat and hard work, homeowners can still create an outdoor oasis.

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