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Inspirational ideas for a luxury home renovation

August 19, 2013

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – similarly, the word luxury can mean different things to different people. It’s really open to interpretation! Luxury to some people may be all the best the modern world can offer, to others nothing says class and luxury quite like old school opulence, while others still prefer to mix the best of the old with the best of the new and create a modern luxury home with classic pieces. To some it may simply be to create their own private sanctuary within the four walls of their home.

To renovate your home and make it feel really luxurious, you will need to look at the entire room décor from walls, flooring, furniture, blinds, curtains and lighting and really stick to a theme that will carry on through the house. Mix and match is great but it needs to carry through for it to carry that sense of well thought out style.

Contrary to popular belief, luxury style doesn’t always carry a luxury price tag. Cushions, drapes, and of course great flooring can give your home that luxurious je ne sais quoi it needs to achieve the look. Whatever your preferences, here are a few styles to give you inspiration for that luxury look.

For example you may like to represent the 17th Century- embossed leather, suede, heavy motif furniture, damask wall paper and soft furnishings, and an earthy rich colour palette.

1 2 3

Or, what about the 19th ­Century with embossed wall panels, heavy artwork, gold trimmings, chandeliers & soft furnishings.

4 6 7

Or, step into the 21st Century- with Chrome finishes, natural wooden paneling, stone/brick work, square lines, sharp lighting, and all your modern technology & appliances.

8 10 12

This style is suitable for anyone that wants an architectural feel and modern industrial look for their luxurious home. Another twist on the 21st Century is the modern/minimalist styling, contemporary furniture, neutral colour palette, & soft drapes.

So, you may ask what it is that you can do to your home to make it feel and look luxurious! If you need to seek advice on styling, visit an Andersen’s showroom and arrange for one of their consultants to come out to your home and provide advice and a free measure and quote on any of your flooring and window needs, or try out our iDESIGN tool for a little visual inspiration.


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