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Carpet colour trends for Spring 2013

September 9, 2013

Nuovo 920 Azzurro (lounge)

Home decor trends normally align themselves closely with the likes of clothing fashion trends and what colours and fabrics are in season. So, when it comes to deciding what colours are in for your home, you will most likely have already seen these colours hit the market in your favourite clothing stores.

In fact, according to this great colour trends article by House Beautiful some of our favourite colours like Pink, Mint, Yellow and Blue are hot this year! If you want a bold statement colour in your home try these options:

Aqua & Teal

Known for its soothing and calming effects, aqua has evolved beautifully from its early days, enjoying long-standing partnerships with chocolate, lush greens, creamy whites and silvery greys. A great pop colour for soft furnishings, ottomans, feature rugs or for the more bold approach, carpet. 

Persimmon Orange

This colour bring happiness, excitement and energy to any interior space. Orange is often used as the signature colour for key pieces of furniture or accessories. It is especially stunning when dropped strategically into an all-white interior. 

Baltimore 490 Entice


Pink is another colour that is going to be around for the long haul. As a colour that works well with any styling, Pink can soften the look of your room and add a touch of elegance. This is a great carpet choice for kids rooms, country living, modern elegance, & French provincial. 


The colour purple of today is regal when blue-based, and spiritual and mysterious when red-based. This colour is great for cinema & media rooms to make your room feel more dark and glamorous and in bedrooms for a dark cosy and relaxed feeling. 

What if the above colours are too bold?

When it comes to carpet, you want to pick a colour you can live with and look at every day so if the brighter colours do not appeal to you perhaps you would like something such as:


Today we are seeing different influences on our neutral palette such as camel, linen, damask, and calico which are the new Ivory. The whites and off whites still continue to expand and grow as they remain a great base colour to add any new pop colour trend to and really brighten your home with a fresh look.


Roomscene 5lo res

Grey is a perfect colour when it comes to choosing a subtle modern carpet colour, look for hues either cloud grey, silver, charcoal, or warm grey. This colour will add warmth & a sophisticated feel to your home and is rarely boring. We have seen this colour emerge over the years in fashion and saturate the market place and lets’ just say, we think it is here to stay. 


Classic taupe emerged as the colour between the old trending brown and the new grey, often described as a greyish brown or brownish grey. Taupe can be found in most fashion items and is definitely evident in the home furnishing markets today. When the taupe trend is translated into furniture, it offers the very popular reclaimed look. Nice for coastal, minimalist, Bali and French provincial styling. 


No interior or wardrobe is complete without a touch of black. Black creates a much needed sense of depth and gravity. Black is basic and easy while being elegant and timeless. 

If you are ready to update your home with the latest colour trends in carpet, visit you local Andersens store to view their complete collection for Spring 2013.

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