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Brighten up your home with some new Spring décor

September 16, 2013


Spring is here, and moods are instantly lifted with the sunshine. So why not add a little life to your home as well? Celebrate spring with the right home decor. Here are five ideas that will bring spring to you, brightening your home while simultaneously lifting your mood.

1. Add pops of colour to your home

Nothing says spring more than bright colours, and adding it to your home is an easy way to transition from winter to spring. However, that doesn’t mean repainting your walls meadow green or lavender (unless you want to, of course); instead, simply add a pop of colour. It’s an easy solution without sacrificing results and will give your home a fresh, spring look without transforming it into a giant Sunflower. Try adding some bright throw pillows to your living room couch or hang an elaborate picture frame.

2. Plants and flowers

Who says spring has to be left outside once you close your front door?  Take a literal approach to spring decor by bringing the outside in. Adding flower arrangements throughout your home will allow you to savour every minute of spring that fades all too quickly. For an extra touch of luxury, add spring flowers to your bedroom and leave your windows open overnight for fresh air. You’ll think you woke up in your garden the next day. Plus, flowers are another fun way to add your pop of colour.

Dining3. Spring in the kitchen

Bring spring to your kitchen by placing spring-inspired desserts on display. For example creatively arrange a fruit platter or glass display stand of seasonal fruits and vegies, this will add masses of colour to the kitchen. Also, try displaying some fancier desserts like spring-coloured cupcakes, iced lemon biscuits, or strawberry shortcake. Not only will this brighten up your kitchen, you will have provided your family and friends with yummy treats.

4. Scent your home

Scenting your home for Spring & Summer – from September to December – fragrances can transport you to the best times of the year or to a special place – like citrus rinds, strawberry, and tropical to remind you of summer, floral to remind of a beautiful spring garden, herbs & spices that remind you of Christmas, all this is an inexpensive ways to spice up your home and improve your mood

5. Fabrics

Rather than changing out your entire décor change your blankets, quilt covers and curtains. Replace wool and velvet with cotton, chenille or linen. Hemp, canvas and bamboo fabrics also help create a natural look and feel to coordinate with a room’s natural decor.

Choose pastel colours or other colours inspired by Mother Nature to really make your home feel refreshed, airy and truly delightful. Bold colours, such as bright orange or hot pink, will also add a lively flair. Floral and spring-themed fabrics are also a welcome addition for the season.

With these tips you can create a happy, fun Spring environment to your home, your family and friends will love it.

For ideas on colours and fabrics visit Andersens and speak to one of their colour experts today!

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