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Blinds and window coverings for Spring and Summer

September 30, 2013

RomanWe have already seen temperatures rise to high 30s and it is only the start of Spring, it looks like it is going to be one scorching Spring & Summer season. The hotter it is outside, the hotter it is inside your home. Your air conditioner works in overdrive and your electricity bills sky rocket. The more you try to save money by not running the air conditioner, your living space becomes stuffy and uncomfortable and your children become irritable. How can you beat the summer heat, conserve energy, and save on utilities? The answer is simple: window coverings.

On a hot day, heat will transfer through the windows, and even though you may have the air-conditioning on, up to 50% of that cool air will be lost through the windows and doors if they are not protected by window coverings. So, how do you know which window coverings are best?

Here are some tips:


The kitchen. Think about ease of cleaning, window coverings such as wood blinds and faux-wood blinds are easier to maintain than pleated blinds or curtains.

The bedroom. For a more restful sleep, an opaque blind is a good choice. It can be concealed behind a valance or dressed up with attractive curtains. Block out blinds and curtains are also a good alternative, as the will keep the room dark to allow longer sleeping times.


The living room. The common choice is horizontal blinds or louvered shutters, as louvers can be inclined based on your preference for shade or light. This way you can control the amount of light that is entering the room. It is also recommended that you choose white or light coloured blinds in order to reflect the heat, rather than absorb it.

The bathroom. Horizontal blinds are a sound choice here. However, select a waterproof material (faux wood, for example), particularly if the space is poorly ventilated or the blind is close to the shower.



Exterior. Window coverings with reflective backing are an excellent choice. Some varieties have white backing, which reflects hot air and You don’t have to sacrifice style for energy efficiency and heat protection. Insulating and reflective shades come in hundreds of colours, cuts, and fabric selections, so you’re sure to find some to fit your décor.

Then you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your respite from the summer heat.sunlight. As an added bonus, these shades make the exterior of your home look fresh and cohesive. For maximum reflectivity, you can find window coverings with a thin, subtle layer of aluminium backing. All varieties provide excellent UV protection, which preserves your homes interior while keeping it temperate.

For a free measure and quote contact Andersens, or read more

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