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When is a carpet not just a carpet?

November 4, 2013

Back when civilisation was progressing and evolving into the modern times we have today, people were content to walk on dirt.  Later we progressed to the likes of stone or raised wooden floors.  Then came the rugs of Persia, decorations to adorn our floors and provide comfort under foot.  Such pieces would be the envy of emperors and soon would become the talking piece amongst the nobilities of the world.  The magic of the carpet fascinated the minds of the world and gave birth to such mythology like the flying carpet.


Painting: The Magic Carpet by Victor Vasnetsov via

Today however, we are completely spoilt for choice.  The range of colours, fibres and textures that we can choose, can be suited to each individual room in our house. When you walk into someone’s home, one of your first impressions is what you can feel under foot.

The fibre of a carpet alludes to the type of place you reside in, as it sets the presence and the mood.  High traffic areas would demand something more durable such as Nylon which is tough and hard wearing.  If you love the way carpet feels underfoot you may opt for something more luxurious such as the natural fibre of wool which is not only pleasurable to walk on, but also admirable,  as it’s non-flammable and environmentally friendly.

If you have a more active household with kids and pets, then you may prefer your carpet fibres to be like Polypropylene, which doesn’t absorb water.  This makes it easier to clean when you often have spills or a bit of a mess.


The range of fibres and blended fibres are all designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.  Unlike the Royal Coronation Carpet of Denmark which is only on display to the public once per year, your carpet is intrinsically part of your workplace or home and something to be enjoyed every day.  So talk with your local Andersons expert and let them help you determine which carpet is best suited for your home.

Let’s not forget colours which can be arranged to match your already existing decor by using the Anderson iDesign virtual showroom found at where you can choose the best colour without having to even guess what it would look like amongst your blinds and couches.


With today’s extensive choice of fabric textures and types of floor designs, we will have something to suit your budget.  So when is a carpet not just a carpet, when it’s chosen through Andersens’ professional service at the most affordable price.

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