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Flooring fashion and trends

November 18, 2013

When it comes to the interior design of your rooms, the focus today is moving more away from the design of the walls and moving closer towards the design and comfort of the floors.  So we wanted to share with you some of the current trends of our carpets and flooring so that you can make the best suited decision on what would be best for you and your family.  We have an arrangement of carpets and floors that not only look good, but are aimed for comfort as well.

There are some fantastic and innovative flooring ideas out there and then there are some ideas that are just ‘out there’.  Here are a couple of fun examples to show how the floor is becoming the centre piece of people’s homes.

This one is called the ‘slipper rug’ from French designer Lise El Sayed


This one is called ‘Sunny Shag Up’ from Balinese designer Valentina Audrito


In both of these examples the carpet is the centre piece of the room.  It is also an example of how we are trending away from the more traditional neutral carpets and turning to more alternative ways to express ourselves.  Ideas such as these, although fun, can impact on the functionality of a room.

So if you want to keep the fun in functionality, The Andersen’s flooring experts can help guide you through a wide range of rug and carpet options.

Below are some examples of our rugs.  As you can see they compliment the colours of the outside environment and other furniture pieces while still drawing the eye.



With the range of carpets available it is not only rugs that have the ability to draw the eye.  Interior Designers know that the wide range of carpets available at Andersens is a powerful tool to create the perfect suited designed room for atmosphere, mood and comfort.  In some cases carpets can be the centrepieces of the room.

What can be done today to enhance the atmosphere, mood and comfort of a room seems limitless.  No longer is the house alone themed to create a mood but each individual room can be themed to create the desired mood appropriate to the room.  In today’s flooring paradise, hard flooring and carpets can coexist.  For example you could have a lovely hardwood kitchen floor leading to a carpeted entertainment area, which is chosen to compliment the hardwood and be of a material appropriate to high traffic, while in the bedroom you have the relaxing luxurious wool carpet to contribute to the mood of the bedroom.  

When creating a mood for a room we now have the ability to add personality through choice of patterns, texture and colours.  The wide range at Andersens will give you the ability to control the space in which you live to reflect your style and personality so that the atmosphere you create can be uniquely yours. 

Below is a sample of some of the carpeting options available at Andersens:

Niagara Lights 



Cedar Falls





On average people in Australia tend to move house more frequently for different changes in lifestyle.  This will give exposure to more personal ideas, as the varying stages of your life will create these changes over your lifetime.  With our ever-increasing ranges and choices in flooring it can be difficult to know all your options available to suit your home.  Andersens may be known as experts in carpets, but maybe you didn’t know that they are also experts in timber, vinyl, ceramic tiles, cork and bamboo floors.  So we welcome guests to use our iDesign function on our website and/or come in to one of our showrooms and talk to an expert today about your flooring options.  We will help you create the comfort, functionality, style and personality you desire for each and every room of your home. 

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