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The love of comfortable carpets

November 25, 2013

Carpet for comfort is multifaceted.  Carpet is comfortable because of the way it looks, the way it regulates temperature and air quality, the way it insulates noise and most importantly the way it feels.

When you have a carpet that looks good your mental state becomes more relaxed.  Having a well-designed and well-chosen carpet with appropriate patterns and texture to match your décor, will be the first step in ensuring your carpet not only looks great, but feels great too.

Comfortable Carpet

Carpet is also an effective insulator against the cold of winter and the heat of summer and aids in air humidity.  Combine this with air conditioners and you can have a consistent ambient temperature of 22 degrees for maximum temperature comfort.  As mentioned in more detail in previous articles, carpet acts as an air filter by trapping particulate matter and reducing dust thus making it significantly more comfortable to breath.  Carpet also reduces noise.  Excessive indoor noise has been linked to increased stress and thus a decrease in mental well being.  This added stress also reduces the body’s natural ability to heal and impairs your concentration and ability to work.  When it comes to comfort, people need to choose a carpet with the most important facet being the way the carpet feels under foot and we would also suggest laying down on the carpet.

There are two main aspects that contribute to the comfort of your carpet, the carpet itself and the underlay. Carpet has different textures of comfort; these will depend upon your needs and the needs of the room it will be in.   For example a loop carpet pile is comfortable, a cut carpet pile is more comfortable, and a plush carpet pile is the most soft and luxurious.  Then there is also the different degree of comfort in the fibres of the carpet.

Wool is known to be high on the list when it comes to comfort, then you have the other different fibres that provide slightly less levels of softness.  The best way to work out what level of comfort you are prefer is by visiting your nearest Andersens showroom and testing them yourself.

With the underlay, there are three traditional types that will again vary on what the room is used for and what would best suit what look and feel you are after.  One is known as the felt underlay, another is a foam underlay, and then there’s also the rubber waffle underlay.

Felt is very rarely used in homes these days because of the superiority of foam and rubber.  Foam underlay varies in quality and price.  Rubber waffle underlay provides superior strength and durability which not only provides extra comfort but also increases the life of your carpet.

Each home is different and each family has different needs when it comes to which carpet would best suit and is most comfortable.  So, when deciding which carpet is best for you, your family and your home, talk to an Andersens consultant to help guide you through all your comfort options.

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