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Fun indoor games to play over Christmas

December 16, 2013

ImageChristmas is the time of year that is filled with family fun and most of you will gather together in the family home. Perhaps the home you have just purchased new flooring or carpet for and can now enjoy and really put it to the test. So, we thought we could share with you, some fun indoor family games that can help you enjoy and utilise your new living areas.

You will most likely have various age groups in your company at Christmas time. It could be your family, your friends, neighbours and so on, some of which will most likely have children. So, what sort of games can you play to capture the children’s attention and keep the adults entertained?

Here are a couple of ideas.

GAME ONE: The Human Christmas TreeImage

Choose a person from the group to be the ‘Christmas Tree’.  This could be the mother, the grandmother, the boss or anyone who you think is going to be a good sport. 

Get a whole bunch of Christmas decorations for the “Decorators” (who is anyone else playing) to use ranging from tinsel, crepe paper, ribbons, bows, ornaments and anything else you could use to decorate a Christmas tree or a Christmas present. Gather the decorators (usually the children) and tape or tie the decoration to the Christmas Tree.

Don’t forget to make sure there are plenty of cameras taking pictures to capture the final masterpiece

GAME TWO: Musical Boxes

This game works very similar to musical chairs but instead of sitting on chairs you climb into the boxes.  Simple place the boxes in a circle and the children walk around while Christmas Carols are playing.  When the music stops they have to get into a box.  There is always 1 less box then there are people.  Eventually there will be two people and only one box. 

To keep the game random, the person who is controlling the music should be facing away from the participants.

Another variation, which is a bit safer and more fun if the children are a bit younger, is to have one large box labelled Santa’s home or North Pole.  The children crawl around in a circle on your lush new carpet and through the large box.  When the Christmas Carol’s stop, if a child is in the box, they are out of the game.  Give the child a sticker, candy cane, prize or lolly and start the game again until only one child remains.

GAME THREE: Christmas Memory

Most of you would have played memory where you have a pack of cards  and you take turns turning over two cards and if they match you keep them and if not you turn them over again.  Well, this is the same except we use Christmas wrapping designs.  From the left over Christmas wrapping we glue the designs on the back of some left over cardboard.  Cut the cardboard up so that they are all the same size and shape.  The aim of the game is to try and remember where all the designs are and collect the most cards.  You could have a mini tournament and have multiple games going on at the same time.

GAME FOUR: Name That Tune

Everyone writes down the name of as many Christmas Carols as they can.  You split the group into two teams.  Each person has a turn in trying to hum a tune.  If your team guesses it, they get a point, but if your team doesn’t guess it, the other team gets the chance to steal the point.  The team with the most points wins.  A good way to choose a team is to have equal amounts of two coloured objects and draw them out of a hat.

We hope you can have as much fun playing these games in your home as we have.

Merry Christmas, from the Andersens Team.


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