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How to clean vinyl floors

January 29, 2014

Many home owners find that their vinyl floor consistently looks dirty. No matter what mops they use, the flooring still does not look clean. However, certain cleaning methods can help successfully clean vinyl flooring without the need to go on your hands and knees to scrub it.


Here are some instructions

1. Sweep the vinyl floors first. Use a regular broom and dustpan at first to go over the floor.

2. Use a Swiffer to get up any dirt and dust that you may have missed in your initial sweep. Pay extra attention to under any furniture and the corners of the room. These areas accumulate the most dirt.

3. Fill a basin with hot water and a cleaning product that contains bleach. For vinyl flooring, bleaching products are the best to use to lift dirt and brighten the floor.

Cleaning vinyl

4. Mop the entire vinyl floor with the bleaching product. Watch out for any carpets and furniture since bleach can cause colouring damage.

5. Strip the vinyl floors every month or so. Ammonia can be used to strip the floor before waxing it. Mop the floor with hot water to get up any of the old wax that has been placed on it.

6. Apply at least two coats of a professional strength floor wax with a dish towel. Allow the wax to dry between applications.

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Vinyl flooring

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