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Why Andersens?

April 7, 2014

With so many retailers to choose from, it’s no wonder customers ask the question “Why you?” when it comes to choosing one for their flooring and window coverings needs. Whilst there are many, many reasons customers choose Andersens – we’re the largest retailer in QLD and Northern NSW, we have QLD’s biggest warehouse, with an enormous product range to name a few – we thought we’d give you some reasons that were a little different…

Our customers satisfaction is our number one priority.

Whilst most retailers undoubtedly claim this to be true for themselves, few actually put their money where their mouth is. At Andersens we live by the motto “Acta non Verba” – Actions, not words – which is why we offer our clients the 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Our staff are specially trained to offer you the perfect flooring choice – and we don’t just say that, we guarantee it! If you’re unsatisfied with your carpeting choice at any stage within the first 30 days, we’ll replace it for you.

The environment is extremely important to us

Which is why we offer several eco-friendly, sustainable flooring options. We were one of the first in QLD to offer bamboo as a flooring option. Bamboo is not only an attractive choice in your home, it’s also one of the best environmentally friendly choices available.

We make it easy and convenient for our customers

With over 50 stores across QLD and Northern NSW, there’s sure to be an Andersens conveniently situated near your home. If, however, you find yourself unable to make it to your local Andersens store, we’ll come to you! We offer our customer the Showroom on Wheels, which as it’s name suggests, is a mini showroom that will conveniently come to you. 

We aim to give our customers an experience

We’re not just talking about good service here – although that is our number one priority – we’re talking about giving you something a little different. That is why we developed iDESIGN, a handy little tool that will digitally show you how different flooring options could look in your home. Whilst many retailers are now coming out with similar tools, Andersens was the first to introduce this kind of experience – and we’re not stopping there! Constantly looking for ways to innovate and offer our clients a unique experience, we’ve got a lot more planned…


So there you have it – 4 slightly different reasons that answer the question “Why Andersens?”

We’d love to help you choose the perfect floor and window options for your home that will fit your style and budget. Call us on 1800 016 016 to arrange a personal appointment with one of our experts, or visit our website.

You can put your total trust in Andersens, the respected name for over 50 years.

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