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A guide to: Choosing the perfect floor for your kitchen

May 8, 2014

Your kitchen floor, besides being practical and durable, is a major design statement as well and most often sets the tone for your whole living area. The type of floor you choose affects every other element of your home design and with the variety of materials, colours and textures available today, your choices are nearly endless. One thing that’s important to note however, is that even though there is so much available, this is one time that you certainly can make the wrong choice!

Here are our top picks for kitchen flooring:

  • Wood & Bamboo: one of the most popular choices for today’s kitchens. Both stylish and natural, wood and bamboo feel good underfoot and create a warm look for your home. Specially treated and sealed, these options are extremely hard wearing. If budget is limited though, wood may not be the preferred option.
  • Vinyl: A fantastic alternative to wood and bamboo for those doing their kitchen on a budget. It’s a  resilient flooring that offers a variety of styles and colours in either tiles or sheets.
  • 1003298_10151806601516019_20287889_nTiles: a great choice for high traffic areas like your kitchen – available in a huge variety of colours, shapes, designs, textures and prices, you’re sure to be able to find a tile that fits your personal style, budget and home.
  • Limestone: if it’s an old world look you’re after, then limestone can be a great choice. One key thing to remember with limestone however is that t’s a porous material that must be sealed upon installation and then twice a year.
  • Cork: A lovely durable, versatile material available in a variety of colors. It feels great underfoot, it’s  water-resistant and as an added bonus, it reduces impact noise – great for those with kitchens on higher floors.

Well there you have it, our top picks for kitchen floors. We hope this has helped you make that tough decision a little more easily.

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