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Raymond from Andersens at Rothwell reveals the truth about owning a franchise

January 24, 2012

It’s no mistake that Raymond owns the Andersens franchise at Rothwell on Brisbane’s northside. With his wife Diane, their two daughters and dog, Raymond continues to put customers first when it comes to flooring, blinds, shutters and interior design.

Having been in the floor covering industry for 37 years, Raymond sure knows his sisals from his synthetics and prides himself on building long-lasting relationships with his customers who keep coming back for more.

One repeat-customer said: “I’m not coming back to you because the carpet was faulty, I’m coming back because it was so good!  The quality and workmanship in the product and installation was great and I’m coming to get some more.”

Raymond started his career in flooring in the 1970s cutting carpet at a warehouse for Myers, and then progressed onto carpet laying where he learned the trade. After some major knee complications, Raymond went into sales and hasn’t looked back.

Following some not-so-great-business relationships, Raymond said he decided to take the plunge and dive into his own Andersens franchise at Rothwell in 2006, where he employs three staff members – Diane, Graham and Mark.

“We’re a great team and each of us has a responsibility – Mark looks after flooring, Graham is our interior designer and looks after window coverings and house packages (including flooring) and I concentrate on commercial and everything else. Diane support us all through admin, sales and answering the phone – which has been running hot lately!” he said.

In thinking of what he does on any given day, Raymond explained that every day was completely different. It doesn’t matter if you have the ‘best-laid’ plans, they can change with a phone call that sets a completely new agenda.

“Customers are number one when it comes to my business. It doesn’t matter if I’ve got something else to do, if a customer rings with a problem, I’m the sort of person who has to sort it out for them- straight away,” he said.

When asked about his favourite product at the moment, Raymond said the number of shutters that are flying off the shelves amazes him. Although he’s not sure exactly why, he’s put it down to summer heat, good insulation, and a great new display he’s installed at the front of his shop so everyone can see the range.

“I like to advise people about the right product at a price that’s going to suit them. I stand behind the fact that Andersens has a quality range and we use the best installers, because there is a life-time installation guarantee,” he said.

From a franchisee perspective, Raymond said that Andersens have an excellent philosophy and are great to work with.

“Andersens have really helped me focus on local investment in terms of social media, advertising and marketing over the past few months and this has made a big difference.,” he said.

“Andersens’ Regional Director and Executive Team are always interested in us (their franchisees) and the training and presentations they have to support franchisees, are second to none,” he said.

Raymond goes a long way to support the community as well. Apart from living locally, he also sponsors the local Deception Bay Soccer Club, is a member of the Northlake’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Group.

“It’s a great way to make connections and get to know people in the local community,” he said.

The year 2012 looks to be a big one for Raymond and we wish him all the best with his daughter’s nuptials as well as a safe holiday to China.

We look forward to catching up with Raymond, Diane, Graham and Mark at the Rothwell franchise again soon!

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