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Getting your house clean! Part 3

February 18, 2013

With our Dyson vacuum cleaner give-away this month, we are sharing 20 top cleaning tips with you! Here are the next five:

  • If you want to stop ants coming into the house, draw a line of chalk on the ground where you want them to stop. If you live in a rainy area where ants are a problem, you must remember to re-draw the chalk lines each time it rains.


  • Ever wondered how to clean the bottom of the iron? Simple,  just sprinkle some salt on the ironing board and iron back and forth.


  • An easy way t0 clean a stainless-steel sink, is to plug the sink and add two denture-cleaning tablets and half fill with water, leaving this to soak for several hours (or overnight for stubborn stains) and the next day it should be sparkling. You can then re-use this water to clean the draining board.


  • If you want to clean your microwave oven, just add four tablespoons of lemon juice to one cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Boil this for five minutes in the microwave, allowing the steam to condense on the inside walls of the oven. Then wipe down the corners with a soft cloth.


  • To remove sweat/body oil stains from cuffs and collars of coloured blouses and shirts, rub some shampoo directly on the stains. Rinse off the shampoo after about 5 minutes, then wash the clothes as usual.


We hope you have enjoyed this week’s tips. Please join us next week for our last instalment of helpful home cleaning tips.

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