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Lifestyles of the rich & famous: Blinds

May 27, 2013

Window furnishings often turn into either a design challenge or major investment, but let’s face it: If you neglect your windows, you’ll be left with a bare view. If you find yourself in need of a fresh look, or if you’ve moved into a new home in need of window coverings, we’ve gathered some celebrity trends to help inspire you to turn any window into your new favourite focal point.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for romantic ambiance, blinds to control sunlight, window furnishings to protect your privacy, or that feature window for your living room, celebs show us how it is done.

Mick Jagger (singer)

The soft neutral colour of the Roman blinds adds warmth and depth to what is a reasonably minimalist room.


Michael J Fox  (Actor)

Clever mix of traditional curtains and more modern and functional blinds. The use of white roller blinds under the curtains offer privacy and block out from the sun, while the curtains keep that traditional homey feel they’ve gone for in this room. Conveniently, the blinds also allow you to partially cover the window. This way the curtains can remain open all the time and be more of a decorative feature.


Jon Bon Jovi (singer)

Another example of roller blinds with a completely different look! This just shows off the flexibility of these clever little blinds. Unlike the previous example where the look was distinctly classic, this is a very modern look with floor to ceiling coverage. Being able to roll them completely to the top is so the magnificent view of the city is maximised is (we’re sure) why they went with this particular look.


Sharon and Ozzy Osborne (singer and reality TV stars)

Known for her excellent taste, Sharon Osborne has chosen this gorgeous colour palette. They have been smart here by choosing very plain and simple window furnishing’s, not to take away the effect on any of the designs or furniture in the room. They have opted for some drop down roller blinds and some soft finish curtains. This way the windows compliment the look of the room without over shadowing it.


Ryan Phillippe (Actor)

Here is another variation of Roller blinds but where the blinds have become part of the rooms feature with a strong pattern. Again they have gone with this option so they do not obstruct any views.


Julia Childs (celebrity chef)

Who says isn’t still trending! Julia has used Venetian blinds to fit in with the rest of her country décor. Lighting is a big factor when cooking in the kitchen and with Venetians; Julia can adjust the blinds to let in just the right amount of light.


Lady Gaga (singer)

Lastly, here is an example some gorgeous shutters you can simply go.. well.. Gaga for! When they are open (like the image below) you can get the beautiful sea breeze and natural lighting that seeps into the bedroom but when they are shut, they can almost totally block out the light and the air. Merging perfect function with magnificent ambience, they become a feature for that room – these are one option of blinds that you simply must not add curtains to!


Of course, Andersens stocks many different types of blinds to help you achieve the celebrity look. Visit our website or pop into your local Andersens today to talk to one of our specialists who can help you get the perfect blinds for that perfect look!

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