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5 easy flooring upgrades for your home

December 2, 2013

Over time, all of the rooms in your house can look a little tired, a little outdated and a little run down.  In order to refresh your home and give it a more modern look, one of the easiest things to do is to upgrade your flooring.  Not only will it make your home look and feel great, it will also boost the value of your home!

So our top five recommendations on easy floor upgrades for your home are:



Cork is one of the latest trends in flooring and although it has been around for a long time, it still remains one of the best ways to transform a cold uninviting floor to a more modern look.  Apart from looking great, it’s also durable, feels sensational under foot, is eco-friendly and easy to install.  It is manufactured with panels that easily snap together requiring no glue or nails.  Cork is easy to clean, easy to maintain and Andersens offer a 25 year residential wear warranty on all cork tiles.  If you’ve never tried cork before, why not try it now as an easy floor upgrade option?




Vinyl is so versatile and easy to install, that you can have an entire room completely upgraded in around 7 hours.  They come in a range of colours and patterns to suit each part of your home.  You can have your vinyl tiles looking like wood, marble, slate, or parquetry.  At Andersens, we can even customise your tiles by having your business logo or personalised design printed on them.  Vinyl is highly resilient and provides great cushioning underfoot.  There are so many options for your flooring with Vinyl that it is a smart way to reinvigorate your home to give it the new, fresh look that you’re after, no matter where in the home you want it.


Ceramic tiles are recommended for all your water areas like the bathroom, but they’re getting more popular to have as large tiles in all living areas as well.  Often our water areas are not given much attention and you can easily increase the value and appeal of your home by making a couple of minor changes to update them.  Updating your tiling can match the wider theme of your home or can make a personal statement.  Just like vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles are all about customisation.  They can portrait your theme or even personality in ways that other options cannot.




One of the simplest upgrades to your flooring is to place a rug down that with a pattern that can easily give your home a more modern look.  So if you are not quite ready to change up a whole flooring area but you still want something fresh, the range of rugs available at Andersens will surprise you.

Rugs can complement your furniture, provide a small space of luxury for children to play on, or can simply lift the mood of a room.  At Andersens we have three different ranges of rugs to suit your individual needs no matter where you would like it placed in your house.  Our Satin shag range gives a room warmth and sophistication, the Sunny shag range gives a room super soft comfort and the Galaxy shag range gives a fresh new metallic look to enhance a room to match the more modern furniture and accessories.


Carpet is our fifth easy upgrade option, and is easier to install than you think.  If your carpet is looking tired, worn out or out dated, the whole process of redoing your carpet is another easy option for you.  Come and see Andersens today and we’ll be happy to take you through all the carpet options that are available to you and explain how easy the process of upgrading will be.

Don’t wait any longer, if you’d like to discuss your options and browse our range of floorings to find out which one will best suit your home and budget, then come and see us today.  Giving your home that new updated look will also give you a great feeling every time you enter your house.  It can even feel as good as moving into a new home, as well as increasing the value of it.    


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