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Top Tips for Waxing Floors

September 24, 2012



Some people say that a floor is clean only when it is properly waxed. You may agree or disagree but you can’t deny the fact that you tend to be more attracted to floors that are waxed and shiny. When you keep your floors shiny, you give people an impression that your home or office is well-maintained.

If you are looking for top tips for waxing floors, here is a short list that you can keep in mind.

  1. First up, make sure that your floor is clean. Remember that you can only wax a floor effectively if the dust and dirt on it are removed entirely. Use a broom to sweep the floor or for quicker cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Before putting on new wax, make sure that you have stripped off the old wax completely. For a more effective and comprehensive treatment, remove the old wax coating which has already trapped dirt and dust particles over the last weeks. To do this, you can either buy a wax stripper or prepare a mixture of bleach and detergent. Continuously mop the floor until the old coat leaves the surface of the floor.
  3. When the floor has dried up, it’s now time to apply the new wax. There are many types of wax available in your local hardware store, and each can be applied only to a particular type of flooring. Before you buy a wax, make sure to check the label to ensure that the wax is good for your type of flooring.
  4. Apply a thin coating of wax to a clean rug and begin from the far corner to the centre of the room. Do this two to three times, with 30 minutes to an hour interval in between applications.
  5. When your wax has dried up, carefully move the furniture back to their position in the room.
  6. Find time to wax your floor every week or two to keep it clean, shiny, and attractive at all times.

When you have a waxed and shiny floor, you’ll realise just how fun it is to stay indoors and enjoy the comfort of your clean home.

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